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News Annual Scientific Meeting HWSA 2018

Speaker and Poster Presenter Information | June 21, 2018, 10:09 a.m.




Congratulations on getting a poster at this year’s ASA Science Meeting at Swinburne! 

I know for many of you it’s a “downgrade” from a talk, but please don’t see it that way. Posters are an integral part of a conference like this and a great way to advertise the important science you’re doing, start discussions, build collaborations, etc. Take advantage of the opportunity.




Throughout the meeting there’ll be 5 poster sparkler sessions on the main stage. A sparkler spot gives you 1 1/2 minutes to briefly advertise your poster and can be a lot of fun. Basically you want to say: your name, where your poster is, the title of your poster, and a 30-60 second pitch (including the key idea/result). Make it memorable!

Sparkler speaker names, times and order details are below. Please make sure you’ve uploaded your background slide well BEFORE your session begins. It should preferably be a picture of your poster. Note PDF ONLY!


Monday 12:15pm (6 spots)

    1. Ellert van der Velden

    2. Emma Ryan-Weber

    3. Boris Goncharov

    4. Pikky Atri

    5. Erica Thygesen

    6. Natasha Hurley-Walker


Tuesday 10:15am (10 spots)

    1. Karlie Noon

    2. Simon O’Toole

    3. Robert Dzudzar

    4. Chandrashekar Murugeshan

    5. Ronniy Joseph

    6. Soheil Koushan

    7. Phoebe de Wilt

    8. Chikaedu Ogbodo

    9. Xingjiang Zhu

    10. Samuel Hinton


Tuesday 12:15pm (10 spots)

    1. Gavin Rowell

    2. Gavin Rowell

    3. Gavin Rowell

    4. Gavin Rowell

    5. Sinem Obilgen

    6. Allan Ernest

    7. Minh Huynh

    8. Nikki Nielsen

    9. Andrew Prentice

    10. Bryce Murphy


Thursday 10:00am (10 spots)

    1. Wael Farah

    2. Cherie Day

    3. Yisheng Qiu

    4. Stephanie Pointon

    5. Matthew Alger

    6. Jai Chauhan

    7. Ayan Acharyya

    8. John Sarkissian

    9. James Davies

    10. Noor Masdiana Md Said


Thursday 12:15pm (10 spots)

    1. Garima Chauhan

    2. Keven Ren

    3. Matías Bravo

    4. Vaishali Parkash

    5. Benjamin Davis

    6. Mahsa Rahimi

    7. Michael Fitzgerald

    8. Shannon Melrose

    9. Marcus Lower

    10. Kristóf Rozgonyi




Congratulations on getting at talk at this year’s ASA Science Meeting at Swinburne! We had about 250 abstracts submitted for a little over 140 talk spots. It was a tough year! Below i hope to pass on some information regarding your talk spot.

[*] Additional speaker instructions: