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Harley Wood School for Astronomy

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The Harley Wood School for Astronomy (HWSA) will be held from Thursday 21 - Sunday 24 June within the quaint surroundings of The Ballarat Municipal Observatory and Museum, immersed in the history of the original Australian Gold Rush. 

The HWSA has been bringing Astronomy students together for the past 30 years, encouraging networking, imparting invaluable skills and enduring knowledge, as well as, forging lasting friendships. In 2018, HWSA is going mining for gold in Big Data. The guest speakers will take us on an active journey, guiding us and lighting the way through the dark tunnels in the depths of the Big Data world, and share some great strategies for finding the gold in your data!  

Amidst the engaging academic program, will be ample time to explore the not-so-sleepy City of Ballarat. Step through the veil of time into one of the most important turning points in Australian history, The Eureka Stockade. Or take some quiet time to pet and feed Kangaroos at the Wildlife Park. 

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Getting to Ballarat

If you're flying into Melbourne, a 20 minute ride on the Melbourne SkyBus will take you from Tullamarine airport to Southern Cross Station. Approach the Vline ticket window on the right as you exit the SkyBus terminal, to purchase and TopUp your myKi Card. Staff will direct you to the correct platform. PLEASE BE AWARE: Not all trains to Ballarat are labelled as such, it is important that you speak to Vline staff for directions to the correct train and platform on the day. Harley Wood organisers will be available on the day for directions.

The trip will take between 1.25 hours to 1.5 hours. You will disembark at Ballarat Station. Upon arriving in Ballarat all buses leave from the train station and arrive in close proximity to The Mercure.

Train and Bus timetables and details will be published closer to the date.


Mastering Big Data for the future is the way forward into the competitive realm of research and career success.


Are you ready for it?


Organising Committees


Geoffrey Bryan (chair) Colin Jacobs (chair, Swinburne)
Renee Spiewak (co-chair) Garima Chauhan (secretary, UWA)
Sera Rauhut Lisa Drummond (Melbourne)
Jacob Seiler Shannon Melrose (UNSW)
Debatri Chattopadhyay Stefania Barsanti (Macquarie)
Chris Curtin Andrew Zic (Sydney)
Madeline Marshall (Melbourne)  
Keven Ren (Melbourne)  
Saeed Salimpour  
Ryan Ridden-Harper (ANU)  
Katinka Gereb  
Emma Ryan-Weber (Staff Liaison)  


If you have any enquiries, please e-mail


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Harley Wood School for Astronomy$375.00 March 19, 2018, midnightMay 31, 2018, noon

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Featured event

HWSA accommodation

When: Thu 21 Jun 2018, 6:00PM - Sun 24 Jun 2018, 10:00AM
Registration closes May 31, 2018, noon

The Mercure Ballarat will be hosting Harley Wood School for Astronomy in style this 2018. All rooms are comfortable twin share lodge rooms with garden views. Complimentary car parking will be available (limited to one space per room). Guests will have full access to the on-site recreation centre, as well ...

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Harley Wood School for Astronomy is proudly sponsored by the following organizations and companies:

We acknowledge support from the Hunstead gift for Astrophysics at the Sydney Institute for Astronomy.

We thank the School of Science at Swinburne University for their support.

The Rainbow Dinner is sponsored by People & Culture at Swinburne University.